Who Is Matt Lloyd?

‘College Drop Out’ from Small Town in
Western Australia, to Worldwide Success

Meet Matt Lloyd. Matt made his first million dollars on the internet by the age of 25, and as of today has made over $80M.

In his own words, he says he started out like a lot of people–he decided he was sick of struggling and wanted to make a change, so he started attending seminars, decided he liked the idea of making money online, and took massive action.

It didn’t happen for him overnight, but he persisted and as a result, his life changed forever.

Matt loves to travel and spends roughly one third of his year traveling all over the world to exotic places like Fiji, the Bahamas, Thailand and the best part is, he’s able to take his business with him and keep earning.

To date, he’s helped his students earn a documented $100 million in commissions so far–and his aim is to take that to double that by the end of 2018.